When is the right time to start therapy?

Sep 13, 2023

When thinking about starting therapy sometimes there isn’t particularly a “right” time for everyone but more of a right time for YOU. Life can throw a lot of stressors our way. From school, to work, family or friends, new changes in big or small ways can affect how we live our lives. It’s important to remember that our mental state is just as essential as our physical and emotional well-being. And keeping everything all balanced isn’t always an easy task!

Here are 5 signs it may be a good time to look into staring therapy:

  1. You’re suffering. Whether it’s noticeable internally or externally, it’s showing and can be affecting your day to day.
  2. You’re struggling to deal with life. Your daily tasks shouldn’t have to feel like a burden!
  3. Things are getting worse, despite your best efforts. While talking to friends and family about problems you are having can be helpful, it isn’t always the end-all solution. Trained clinicians are available to offer support in a variety of different ways that they have learned overtime. Perspective can also play a large part in this.
  4. Someone you trust (and who knows you well!) suggests it. Your family and friends also know you best! If they were to suggest a way that would support your mental health state, wouldn’t you take their advice?
  5. You want to start therapy more than you don’t want to. Simply put, you can ask yourself: What is more important? If going to therapy is the answer, then it IS the right time for you!

Your next steps are to research services and therapists in your area. Since we’re determined this is your right time to start therapy there are some follow up questions you may want to consider during the search process. Keep in mind the options of: telehealth or in-person appointments, a female or male clinician or a provider that specializes in specific focus areas. This process can take as long as you need! Finding the best fit clinician is important for seeking therapy and if that means that you take your time to find them, this IS the right time.