relationship issues

Working Through Conflict to Build Healthy Relationships

To “relate” means to establish or display a connection. When is the last time you really thought about your relationship to the people in your life who matter the most to you – spouse/significant other, children, family members, friends? When is the last time you made an effort toward positive change or growth within a relationship? Most people never consider how they relate or connect to others until conflict arises and those connections are broken. At Stokes Counseling Services, we can help you understand how to establish and maintain healthy, satisfying relationships with others. For many, this means couples counseling, but in the ideal situation, your intimate partner is one of just many important relationships in your life. Relationship counseling may mean working through issues and conflict that occur within any important relationships in your life. If you’re interested in relational counseling, our team is happy to provide therapy session for individuals, couples/pairs, and families in our Naugatuck office, virtually using telehealth software, and in the home for those families who are participating in our FAM Program.

What is Relational Therapy?

Relational therapy actually refers to a specific counseling methodology. However, for our purposes, we’re looking at the concept more broadly. Instead, we’re using relationship counseling or relational therapy to refer to the idea that mutually satisfying and fulfilling relationships are a necessary aspect of every life. When you visit us for relationship counseling, this could mean working through conflict with a spouse, bonding more closely with your kids, or even improving your relationship with a business partner. Essentially, it’s working to create healthy, lasting connections with those people who are important to you.

When Should I Consider Counseling for Relationship Issues?

The majority of people only seek relational counseling when there is conflict within a relationship. Counselors have experience and training in understanding the way people bond to one another – both healthily and unhealthily. We can help you repair broken relational bonds, but we can also help you establish and further develop healthy relationships.

What Happens During Therapy for Relationship Issues?

There are so many different kinds of relationships that it’s difficult to sum up what might happen during your counseling sessions. For some people, individual talk therapy to work through their own difficulties with negative past relationships is the key to establishing healthier connections. For others, bringing the whole family in to learn better communication skills is necessary. In the case of relational counseling more than any other, a customized approach is necessary. Whatever your needs, one of our skilled professionals can help. Some of the most common types of relationship therapy include:

Family Therapy

When one or more members of the family are struggling or there’s a change in the way your family system has worked in the past, conflict can arise. Family therapy can help you work through these conflicts and changes. Family therapy is also beneficial to build an even stronger, more resilient family unit. You don’t have to wait until there’s conflict! Our team can help your family grow together and create a safe, fulfilling home life for each unique individual in your precious family.

Couples Therapy

Whether you’re married, partnered, or dating, romantic relationships take work and dedication to be successful. If you want to improve the connection you have with your significant other, work through conflict, or create a more intimate bond, couples therapy may be beneficial.

Premarital Counseling

Many people think of religious requirement when they hear the phrase, “premarital counseling,” and it’s true. Many faiths require couples to go through counseling prior to tying the knot within their religion. Even if you’re not religious, this is one of the places where faith-based traditions get it right. Loving someone does not mean you will naturally be able to solve conflict with that person, or that you both want the same things or envision the same future. You also need clear, kind communication and the time to discuss the things that erode martial relationships – like money, children, work, and quality time. During premarital counseling, we discuss all these “big ticket” items, but maybe more importantly, we help you and your partner develop the tools to work through challenges together.

Divorce Counseling

When a marriage is no longer healthy, safe, or satisfying for one or both partners, divorce may be the best solution. That doesn’t mean you and your partner feel good about it. Divorce is messy and painful but working with a professional counselor during this process can be mutually beneficial for you and your spouse or partner. You can work through anger and sadness and work toward better, more fulfilling future relationships. Divorce counseling can benefit any separating couple, but it may be most important for those with children who will have to be present in each other’s lives.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply give the Stokes Counseling Services team a call or complete our request form. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and schedule a first session for you in our Naugatuck clinic. We are also proud to offer telehealth counseling services online, if you would prefer to conduct your sessions virtually.