Building, Maintaining & Repairing – Support at All Stages of Partnership

A healthy, thriving relationship can give us the support, encouragement, and love we need to tackle the challenges that life throws our way. When our relationships struggle, life’s challenges just seem a little harder to manage, so how do we keep our relationships happy, healthy, and thriving? Many people think you have to be lucky or pick a perfect partner. We believe you make your own luck, and there’s no such thing as perfect – maybe perfect for you! The “secret” to good relationships is nothing more than being willing to work together to build something that will weather whatever storm life sends your way. At Stokes Counseling, we offer therapy for couples in Naugatuck and surrounding communities, working with you to build something that will last. We’re here when you’re ready to talk, and you can get started learning more by reading the page below.

Why Should I Consider Couples Counseling?

There are a range of specific reasons couples schedule therapy sessions with us, and we can help partners at any stage or crossroads in their relationship. In most cases, couples will choose to visit us at one of the following three times:

Developing a Solid Foundation

You may have heard of this type of therapy referred to as “premarriage” or “premarital” counseling, but you don’t need to be getting married to decide to schedule couples counseling during the early stages of your relationship. Couples therapy sessions early in a partnership are a great opportunity to get to know each other better, determine whether or not you have similar relationship and life goals, address areas of potential conflict before they cause issues, work together to develop healthy boundaries, and more.

Preventing Relationship Concerns

Couples counseling can also help if your relationship is going strong after years together, but you know a big life transition is around the corner or you just want to partner with a professional who can help you maintain a flourishing partnership. Even the best relationships could benefit from a little “tune up” from time to time.

Repairing a Damaged Relationship

After infidelity, loss, or unresolved conflict, therapy can help you heal the damage and restore your healthy, thriving relationship. We partner with couples who are working through their conflicts, improving communication, establishing healthy boundaries, and growing closer together. There’s not going back to how things were, but let’s find the better moments ahead.

What Happens During Therapy Sessions for Couples?

At your first couples therapy session, we’ll spend some time discussing your goals and planning for your upcoming sessions. Then, we may meet one on one with you and your partner to go over any individual concerns you may have. Next, we’ll come back together to begin the necessary work to achieve your couples therapy goals. Our therapists are trained in a variety of couples therapy approaches, and we customize your treatment plans to help you achieve your goals.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply give the Stokes Counseling Services team a call or complete our request form. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and schedule a first session for you in our Naugatuck clinic. We are also proud to offer telehealth counseling services online, if you would prefer to conduct your sessions virtually.