Self-Care Tips for Back to School

Aug 16, 2023

It is almost back to school time! If you are a parent diving into a new school year with your children or a college student moving out of state to explore a new city, people and life on your own – this time of year can be simultaneously exciting and exhausting.

Self-Care initiatives can play a large part in keeping us all in check during these transitions in routine. Whether you have 2 hours or 20 minutes a day to dedicate to self-care, it’s important to set aside time for it, even if you don’t define it in that way.

7 ways to self-care:

  • Go for a walk or run or skip. Get your body moving a little! If you’re in a classroom studying or at a desk for 8+ hours a day, movement is essential. You can even try dancing it out.
  • Eat regular meals and drink water! All 3: Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner are needed not only for a strong body but a strong mind too. And for those college students always in a hurry, remember you’ll need more than iced coffee!
  • When you’re tired – rest! Easier said than done but sleep is important for your everyday function and everything you do throughout the day. Nurture those 7-8 hours.
  • Try a relaxing activity. Someone say knitting? Meditating? Puzzling? Try something other than plopping on the couch to flip through the selection of movies. There’s a ton of other hobbies to tinker with.
  • Set goals and priorities. What do you want to accomplish by the end of the week? End of the month? Year? Write it down! And plan to get it done. Your plans can’t work if you don’t.
  • Practice gratitude. In busy schedules it’s hard to stop and smell the roses (literally and figuratively) but it is a sweet way of self-care. Help someone else recognize how awesome they are, and joy shall be spread.
  • Stay connected to your support system! It’s okay to lean on those who can help pick you back up. Our true family and friends know how to do it right, too.

A busy routine shouldn’t overtake what’s most important – you! Although small, the self-care acts go far. Next time you’re dreading a mundane item on your daily checklist, try a self-care initiative afterwards. Break up your day a bit to focus on something new and see where it takes you!