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Nicole Nygard

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Nicole Nygard is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has 9+ years of experience working in the mental health field with adults, children, and families. She has worked with young children from infancy to 10 years of age, as well as adults. Nicole is a relationship-based therapist helping families enhance the parent-child bond and reduce stress by providing parental guidance, developmental guidance, and Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP). Nicole also facilitates the Circle of Security Parenting curriculum with caregivers to help enhance the understanding of their children’s emotional needs. Nicole has worked with children and adults who have experienced multiple traumas and stressful experiences by utilizing a variety of treatment modalities including CBT, EMDR, TF-CBT, CPP, and ARC. Nicole’s approach focuses on modifying treatment based on the unique needs of each client and gently guiding them through life’s stressful experiences. She takes a compassionate and holistic approach to help others heal and find more peace in life. my mission as a counselor is to foster a process of healing through a holistic approach. True wellness comes from a combination of mental and physical health working in harmony with each other. I take a compassionate approach to help clients heal and overcome obstacles to find more peace in life, specializing in working through past traumatic experiences. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I work with children, adults, and families looking to overcome the effects of stressful life events and past trauma. I am also a Certified Health Coach, encouraging people’s whole health, including lifestyle, relationships, and nutrition. As your therapist, I will join you in the process of healing both the mind and body to make way for happiness and a better life.


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  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • mood
  • Children And Adults Who Have Experienced Multiple Traumas And Stressful Experiences
  • Families
  • Anxiety