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Nicole Buxton

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Nicole Buxton is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked with both adolescents and families for the past eleven years. Nicole began her career working with at-risk children and families in the nonprofit sector in New York City. Living in Connecticut for the last seven years, Nicole has worked with adolescents and their families in a school-based setting. Trained in trauma-informed care, CBT, as well as TF-CBT, Nicole applies a strengths-based perspective when working with her clients on overcoming identified barriers that impact their overall functioning across settings. When assessing the whole child, Nicole utilizes a holistic therapeutic approach to ensure each client receives the individualized care needed to help them grow on their journey towards self-determination. With extensive experience working with at-risk youth in addition to children experiencing difficulties relating to school engagement, Nicole understands the importance of establishing a trusting rapport with her clients in order to help guide them towards self-efficacy.


  • Virtual


  • Families
  • Teens (at-risk Youth In Addition To Children Experiencing Difficulties Relating To School Engagement)