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Karie DeCicco

Licensed Professional Counselor

Karie DeCicco is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over fifteen years of experience in the educational and mental health fields. She specializes in working with prenatal and new moms/parents, infants, toddlers, developmentally delayed or struggling children, socially/emotionally challenged young children and their families, to address a variety of mental health and behavioral concerns. Karie utilizes a solution-focused and strength based approach. She is person-centered and customizes her techniques to suit her clients’ needs in a supportive, respectful, and restorative style. Karie is trauma informed/focused and has a background in child development, early childhood education, infant mental health, parent-child dyadic work, co-parenting practices, collaboration and consultation with schools, and improving the attachment and the attunement of the child within the family structure. Karie is an alumnus of Springfield College with a MS degree in Pediatric Rehabilitation Counseling. She has been trained and rostered in Child-Parent Psychotherapy, the OEC’s Touchpoints, and Circle of Security. Additionally, Karie is a certified CLASS Observer and she is proficient in various other evidence-based modalities. Karie is committed to families and to the early childhood mental health field; moreover, she continues to be devoted to the Springfield College Humanics Philosophy and to the development of the mind, body, and spirit.