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Carrie Swiderski

Licensed Professional Counselor

Carrie Swiderski is a Licensed Professional Counselor, who has worked with individuals, ages 6 to 80 with a range of reasons they are seeking therapy, including, stress, trauma, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social conflict, family conflict, gender and sexual identity concerns, mood dysregulation, and pain. Carrie has been trained in several evidence-based interventions including, multisystemic therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, solution-focused therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, EFT, and EMDR. In addition, she has training in yoga, meditation, and stress management techniques. Carrie takes a holistic approach to therapy and employs different interventions based on need, preference, and desired outcomes. Carrie works collaboratively with clients to develop their treatment goals and treatment plan so that the treatment is tailored to each unique person.